Business Perfomance Optimization

“Defines & reengineers operational workflows to maximize efficiency and reduce costs”

The advent and use of technology throughout the workplace has facilitated changes in the way that work can be processed. However, many business processes today are still fraught with inefficiencies, unnecessary work, redundancy, delays and manual workaround’s that have been incorporated into high tech “solutions”, solutions that were originally intended to get the job done better. While we find that some changes are improving work processes, many are not delivering their full potential.

’ Business Performance Optimization is a comprehensive, client-focused process that ensures that operational processes effectively support organizational business strategies. Leveraging our tried-and-tested “Accelerators” on process re-engineering along with our in-depth industry knowledge of operational requirements, we are able to streamline your entire workflow environment. We will define processes and reengineer workflows in areas that we believe should be targeted for operational improvement and cost reductions. In addition, our consultants will develop a customized business process transition plan designed to complement your organization’s people, culture, facilities and technology.

Approach – Through a combination of bottom-up process and documentation reviews, along with top-down interviews of both business and operational staff, we have structured our approach into the following four phases:

  • Discover – Engage with the client, identify focus areas, collect available data, and outline alternatives.
  • Document – Create Process Flow diagrams and document operating procedures.
  • Recommend – Outline streamlining & workflow design improvements, and develop transition plans.
  • Implement – Develop a project plan for completing transition activities and implement changes.

Through our Business Performance Optimization service, we are able to streamline your operations allowing for increased productivity, enhanced communication, and elimination of unnecessary manual entry and/or redundancy.

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