Facility Relocation/Migration Services

“Provides for the evaluation, planning, design and relocation/migration to a new facility”.

has leveraged its extensive experience in establishing and managing state-of-the-art data centers and created a Professional Services offering to assist clients that prefer to have complete ownership of their data center facility. This unique service is particularly applicable to those who are facing a major relocation/migration requirement , or are seeking ways to streamline their current facilities. This comprehensive service includes:

  • Requirements Definition – This initial planning phase outlines the specific physical and technological requirements associated with the current data center operation and outlines:
    • Infrastructure (Hardware Systems/Application & System Software/Network Communications)
    • Security & Regulatory Compliance Requirements
    • Location, Staffing & Space Requirements.
  • Real Estate Search & Evaluation – Identification of logical location to meet both demographic and business needs.
  • Site Survey & Engineering Analysis – Detailed study to include electrical, mechanical and structural evaluations.
  • Data Center Creation – Responsibility for the Design, Architecting, Building and Certification of the center.

Once these activities are completed, we are in a position to provide a tailored Migration Plan, and assist with its implementation and execution. By leveraging our key partner relationships, this service includes de-installation, packing, shipping, unpacking, and installing your equipment at the new location. In advance of the relocation, our field service personnel will physically survey both facilities to review environmental, cabling and shipping issues to ensure that special considerations are noted. As a single point of contact, our program manager will coordinate with you in order to minimize the impact on current operations. Our de-installation service includes verification of all systems prior to any disconnection of all external and internal bus power, cables and disks. We will bubble wrap, blanket, pack and prepare all systems and components for transportation, and manage the move via quality, computer equipment transportation companies. All moves are insured to the full value of the equipment. Once relocated, we provide a complete diagnostic check of all the referenced equipment and guarantee the equipment to be fully operational to the system operating software level.

We believe that by adopting this comprehensive service, clients have the ability to ensure the most cost effective solution to their in-house processing requirements.

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