Governance and Organization Planning

“Provides an optimized organizational strategy for effective management and control”

Today’s IT organizations must be both responsive and flexible. Having an organizational structure that facilitates variety, change, speed and integration are sources of competitive advantage. Organizational strategies have continued to evolve as the level of complexity has expanded. Globalization, world-wide competition, deregulation, and ever-new leading edge technologies will continue to drive the ongoing reassessment for an effective organizational structure and approach.

Our Governance & Organization Planning offering begins by defining the various services, processes, and operational environment that exist within the company, and that must be supported for the organization to be effective. It next outlines a set of corporate level standards that need to be established in order to facilitate the delegation of responsibilities throughout today’s distributed operating model. This becomes the foundation for designing a unique “federated” governance approach which maximizes the core competencies that exist throughout the enterprise.


  • Reduces IT complexity and cost, thereby minimizing risk & increasing flexibility and agility.
  • Provides the ability to respond more quickly to market demands.
  • Identifies the technical direction of the IT organization.
  • Outlines the necessary staffing levels, skills, and technology partners.
  • Provides strategic guidance for IT investment activities.

This strategic approach to organizational planning positions IT to become a true enabler for supporting business growth in line with the company’s business objectives, and delivering initiatives that improve efficiencies and effectiveness.

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