Computer Outsourcing Services

“Provides outsourced services for all Mainframe, Midrange, and Open Systems”

To help ensure that our outsourcing service is right for you, we will begin with a high-level “Outsourcing Feasibility Review”. This will not only provide you with a financial feasibility justification, but outline an operational “Blueprint” to determine the most effective level of technology in terms of platforms and architectural infrastructure to best support both your current and future business processing requirements. Once this is finalized, we will also determine the most effective location for providing these services through our choice of multiple data centers, conveniently located outside the New York City area.

Our experienced staff will then tailor a plan to include a recommendation of the following potential services within this comprehensive offering:

  • Operations Processing & Management
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Applications, Systems and Communications Migration
  • Hardware Acquisition and Software Licensing
  • Hardware and Software Installations
  • Hardware and Software Maintenance

We have designed our computer outsourcing services to give you the feel of complete ownership without having the burden of feeling that Information Technology (IT) has to be a core competency of your business. We are able to provide a regionalized network of five data centers throughout the New York area delivering secure, robust and redundant SAS70 Type2 audited facilities for co-location and disaster recovery purposes.

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