Outsource UTILITY

“Transitioning Information Technology (IT) to an outsourced “UTILITY” service”

Information Technology has rapidly become more complex, while the internal resources needed in its support have become more scarce and more expensive. It is also difficult for in-house staff to acquire and maintain an extensive knowledge of “Best Practices” within either their own or other industries. This, in turn, forces management to take time away from running their business and become involved in complex technology decisions, due to their significant impact on supporting the respective business strategies throughout the enterprise.

believes it is time to transition IT to an outsourced “Utility”, whereby all of the activities relating to this function are performed by an external specialized technology organization for a fixed monthly fee, based on the level of service used. You already accept this philosophy and approach when it comes to power, water, and other basic functions – so why not Information Technology? To facilitate this transition, we have developed a series of IT Utility type services that will encompass all of the tasks and activities required to effectively support these particular technology functions.

These unique and comprehensive Utility services include:

Through the use of these leading-edge services, we will utilize our years of business and technology expertise to plan, maintain and support your unique IT requirements more reliably and at a lower cost than for a full-time internal IT support staff or an hourly rate response contract.

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