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“Provides application specific testing & QA programs for financial system implementations”

To achieve the expected results from a new banking application system, it is critical to have a comprehensive quality assurance and testing program. As the functionality and complexity of these new systems have increased, so too has the importance of structuring a comprehensive test plan that involves key front & back office personnel throughout the enterprise.

has combined its experience in banking operations along with its functional knowledge of the leading application service providers to create a customized QA and testing program for the banking industry. Leveraging our highly qualified QA professionals and proven expertise in successful implementations, we have developed the following in-depth testing approach:

  • Integration Testing –This level of test will insure integration of various modules both within the application, and externally to the remaining legacy applications.
  • System Testing – This level will test the entire application in a comparable deployment environment, considering hardware platforms, web application servers, middleware, networks, and security settings.
  • Performance Testing – This level of test will simulate the potential volume of transactions in the future to insure that the response time throughout the various modules meet user requirements.
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) – This complete testing level will follow the successful completion of the above tests, and will involve the formal testing by the user in an environment as similar as possible to live operational conditions. This will also include the testing of any training material that is developed for the operation of this system, and will be based on following a series of “test scripts” that are developed in conjunction with the users. These “test scripts” will encompass both valid and invalid data to insure the proper functioning of system data validation edits and error processing routines.

Through the use of our quality assurance & testing service, you will be assured that the system will perform in a live operational environment, as committed to by the vendor, while meeting all of your users expectations.

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