Business/Technology Alignment

“Assesses whether IT meets business needs, and provides strategies to address gaps”

Historical analysis suggests that less than 30% of technology projects are successful, often due to the lack of proper alignment between the proposed technology solution and the underlying business needs and priorities. This alignment is important within all major industries, but is even more critical in those where technology provides the foundation for successful business operations.

Our Business/Technology Alignment service reviews the client’s existing business strategies, processes, and technology environment to determine how the organization is positioned relative to its business goals. The objective of this detail level review is to outline the gaps between the current business/technology alignment and a more effective strategic alignment. We will then offer a set of recommendations that provide the client with a series of technology next steps to confirm or establish a series of new alignments for the client’s business and technology strategies and objectives.


• Provides the ability to determine whether IT objectives are in line with the company’s business objectives.
• Defines an enterprise architecture and organization that supports business operations and services.
• Allows the client to determine the business value of existing and future IT investments.
• Enables the client to make better IT investment decisions.

The end result of the service is a “roadmap” for the future containing an effective IT alignment strategy to better support the business goals and objectives throughout the enterprise.

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