“Provides ongoing oversight and management of a company’s IT organization & initiatives”

Information technology (IT) continues to change at an accelerated pace with ever increasing levels of complexity and specialization. Technology strategies, investments, operations and organizations that once seemed cutting edge or cost effective are now being challenged by business leaders.  With the advent of cloud-based services, there is a rising concern over whether internally developed and operated application and infrastructure investments are still financially viable. Furthermore, the present internal IT organization and staff may not be as business agile, financially effective, or operationally astute and reliable as they once were with older technologies and strategies.

To solve this problem, has assembled a unique group of highly qualified and seasoned CIO’s with expertise across multiple industries and within all levels of enabling technologies. They are available to function as a “Virtual” CIO for your institution on either a one-time or recurring basis. Through the use of our “Accelerators”, which include a proven set of planning and operational methodologies, our CIO consulting team members can be effective within your environment within a matter of days.

Our UTILITY Virtual CIO services include:

  • Strategic assessment of your technology needs in terms of your application and project portfolios with recommendations for alternative scenarios utilizing the latest in automated tools and techniques.
  • Creation of a “Technology Roadmap” to properly align your technology solutions to effectively enable your business strategies.
  • Development of a go-forward organizational strategy for managing on-going maintenance and operational requirements, along with a governance framework for effective communication and risk mitigation.
  • Guidance for the creation of system policies, standards, and procedures according to industry wide “Best Practices”.
  • Management of all technology projects, goals and objectives.
  • Development and management of an annual IT plan and budget that is aligned with business priorities.

Through the utilization of our UTILITY Virtual CIO services, you are afforded the opportunity to confidently focus on the management of your business knowing that we are providing you with the critical guidance and resources necessary to effectively manage your underlying technology strategy.

For more information on this comprehensive outsourced service, please download our UTILITY – Virtual CIO Offering Brief.

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