Strategic Technology Review

“Evaluates current IT environment against industry “best practices” for effectiveness”

Leveraging both our industry knowledge and in-depth technology expertise, our consultants will conduct a high-level review of an organization’s current IT environment, to determine how well it is positioned to effectively enable the strategic and tactical business objectives set forth throughout the entire enterprise. The results of our findings will then be measured against the “best practices” of other organizations both within and outside of the client’s industry.

Our Strategic Technology Review helps clients improve confidence in their IT strategy and investments by evaluating infrastructure, architectures, technologies, processes, and organizational competencies against industry best practices, and recommending necessary improvements. This will be performed on a “fixed-fee” basis, with results delivered in a matter of weeks.


  • Provides an overview of the IT systems’ current capabilities state.
  • Produces recommendations for an optimal future state, based on business objectives, industry best practices, and emerging technologies, while leveraging existing investments, vendor preferences, and staff expertise.
  • Recommends a series of actionable, prioritized steps required to close gaps between the current and desired future state.

Through the results of this high-level review, can determine how effective the current technology strategy is in supporting the current business objectives, and provide recommendations which will maximize future business objectives while facilitating change.

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