Vendor Selection Services

“Supports all phases of vendor selection from RFP creation to evaluation & contract support”

The vendor selection process for financial systems is complex and the stakes significantly higher since the system selected is likely to have a useful life of a decade or more, and entails a sizable investment for the institution. Correspondingly, the RFP process to solicit proposals from vendors of software products and/or services has become more important in the overall evaluation and selection process.

believes that the key to a successful RFP and vendor selection process is an in-depth knowledge on both the business requirements and processes which the system must support, and also a knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the various software vendors in the marketplace. The knowledge that we possess in both these areas allows us to be very proficient in tailoring the RFP to meet your specific requirements, and being able to effectively analyze the vendor responses in meeting these diverse needs.

Through the use of our proven “Accelerators” encompassing Requirements Gathering, RFP templates and Contract Checklists, we have formulated an efficient approach to assist in selecting the right vendor package for your institution. The major steps in his approach include:

  • Requirements Definition
  • RFP Creation
  • Proposed Vendor List
  • Proposal Evaluation & Selection
  • Contract Negotiation

Through the utilization of our vendor selection service, you will have the assurance that the system selected will satisfy your automation needs both new and into the future.

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