Program Management Office

“Supports the consistent delivery of projects & programs both on-time and within budget”

According to Gartner Research, “IT organizations that establish enterprise standards for project management, including a project office with suitable governance, will experience half the major project cost overruns, delays and cancellations of those that fail to do so.” In other words, a Program Management Office (PMO) offers an effective solution to controlling costs and preventing completion delays.

has developed a structured PMO program to provide the necessary governance, oversight, control and support through the application of our proven project management disciplines. We offer the insights, resources, and solutions and apply them to a single project or to multiple projects managed as a program. Our certified PMO consultants have years of experience in managing projects and portfolios, and bring specific tools, competencies, and techniques to manage this complex function. This results in an integrated model that provides clients with a flexible project management framework to ensure that projects are successfully delivered on time and within budget.


  • Reduces the time & cost associated with project initiation through standardized procedures.
  • Ensures that all projects and programs adhere to the company’s goals & objectives.
  • Provides an efficient channel for the escalation and mitigation of project issues.
  • Establishes consistent and repeatable project control practices & standards.
  • Facilitates a tighter control and faster response to requested scope changes.
  • Increases customer satisfaction and improves overall product quality.

execution of our Program Management Office methodology is founded on the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) doctrine, our own program and project management experience, and proven best practices throughout the consulting industry. This, in turn, brings increased accuracy, reliability, and repeatability to all of your program management initiatives.

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