Program Management

“Effectively managing your IT initiatives”

In every organization, there are examples of failed projects. Unfortunately, some disciplines tend to suffer this fate more often than in others, i.e. within the field of Information Technology (IT), an estimated 40% of application development projects are cancelled before completion. As a result, when you contemplate a new IT project, you automatically become concerned that the time and cost estimates will be exceeded, and that the results will fall short of initial expectations. While today’s competitors and a global marketplace have created a demand for better, faster, and more cost effective projects, there are still many organizations with no formal process or methodology for the effective selection, delivery, and on-going management of these projects.

has developed a unique and comprehensive series of Program Management services to address these concerns, and provide the client with a structured methodology and framework for effective management both now and into the future.

These comprehensive program management services include:

Through this integrated suite of services, provides you with a flexible program management approach for not only delivering results on-time and within budget, but one that facilitates the on-going effective management of programs and projects within the IT environment.

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