Application Training Services

“Provides tailored multi-level training programs for front & back office support personnel”

One of the most critical parts of a successful deployment strategy is to have a trained workforce encompassing both front and back-office operational requirements. In a typical operating environment, the in-house training department is staffed to handle only normal training requirements associated with employee turnover, rather than the extensive requirements associated with a major system conversion.

To support this training effort, has developed an integrated approach which utilizes and complements the available internal resources. The current training curriculum will be utilized as a base for an enhanced set of training materials, with additional tutorials, job aids, and reference materials developed for the incremental functionality provided by the new application. This new curriculum will be initiated six months prior to the first application or module roll-out, and will be based on the following concepts.

  • Training Materials – Training delivery to users will be achieved through a combination of Computer based lessons (CBT), Self-study Tutorials (SST) and Instructor led Training (ILT) in a classroom.
  • Employee Training – Specialized training will be provided for each of the major operating groups within the institution, leveraging standardized training guides.
  • Train the Trainer – Each user group will be required to identify key representatives who can attend a “Train the Trainer” training session, provided by . They in turn, will train the larger user population.
  • Hands-On Training – On-site “Hands-on” training will also be conducted by resources for the majority of front office staff, as required.

Through this comprehensive service, your internal training staff is supplemented, as needed, with experienced training resources knowledgeable on the particular application being implemented. We believe that through this joint training program, your institution will receive the short-term support necessary to succeed in training the required operational resources throughout your institution.

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