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The typical IT development project fails to meet the original expectations of the users, runs significantly late and costs more than planned. The introduction of a System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology, while certainly a movement in the right direction, has failed to stem the tide of these IT failures. Researchers have found that this failure generally has little to do with the technology, but rather is generally based on the skills and the effectiveness of the people involved, their ability and time to focus on the project, creating and operating within a well structured and controlled environment, and overall team dynamics.

believes that successful application design and development is a function of technical experience and industry knowledge. In addition, we follow an evolutionary project management methodology designed to minimize project risks and development time thereby adding more value and better visibility to our clients. We start by focusing on business solutions that fulfill business goals, instead of merely providing technical solutions. We utilize a combination of proven “Accelerators” to guide our team in requirements capture, analysis, design, development, testing and deployment.

Approach – Our application design and development service has been structured around the following four major components:

  1. Business Analysis – Identifying and documenting specific business needs incorporating the use of business process flow diagrams.
  2. Design & Development – Utilizing a tailored development methodology focused on “best practices” and state-of-the-art developmental tools.
  3. QA Testing Program – Incorporating a series of testing programs throughout the system development life cycle (SDLC).
  4. Project Management – Leveraging a series of proven management principles to plan, monitor, and control the project from initiation to deployment.

By utilizing our design and development services, the typical problems associated with missed schedules and excessive project costs can be eliminated.  Through the combination of our diverse industry expertise, technical sophistication, and proven project management processes, we are able to provide you with application development services of the highest quality.

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