Application Deployment Services

“Supports multi-phased deployments specializing in Pilot programs & all-at-once” roll-outs”

In the normal process of application conversions and migrations, a critical step often overlooked is that of developing and executing an effective deployment strategy. Viable alternatives of implementing new applications to include a parallel processing mode or a “Big-Bang” approach are often misunderstood and not given the time and effort required to be successful.

has addressed this situation by providing a comprehensive application deployment service. Based on our extensive experience in converting and migrating major banking applications throughout hundreds of institutions, we have developed a structured approach to ensure the successful deployment and roll-out of the required system. This includes the following steps:

  • Deployment Scope Review
  • Pilot Program Strategy
  • Deployment Approach Plan
  • “Best Practice” Support Plan
  • Scripted Cutover Procedures
  • “Go-Live” Acceptance Criteria

With the adoption of this application deployment service from , you are able to leverage both our extensive deployment expertise along with our experienced resources and “Accelerators” to effectively complete this one-time effort. This has been proven to be a much more cost effective approach than attempting to train and utilize internal resources that need to focus on their current system support functions.

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