“Provides ongoing project management through an Enterprise Program Office (EPO)”

In today’s competitive environment, organizations frequently find themselves needing to implement many initiatives at once. However, competing priorities and limited resources present a formidable challenge for organizations attempting to respond to these multiple business needs. To resolve this conflict, many are turning to project management methods to assist with implementing their organizational strategies as a means to achieve lasting change, while also seeking to maximize shareholder value and realize lasting business benefits. For a number of organizations, however, establishing a project management office (PMO) is not a viable option due to resource constraints. For these organizations, has developed a unique outsourced Utility concept which provides cost effective services that are traditionally offered by an internal PMO.

UTILITY Enterprise Program Management (EPM) – Implementing a formalized project management process in an organization that has not used a structured approach to project planning and control can present significant challenges. To mitigate this, we offer a totally outsourced “Utility” approach to supporting this activity at the enterprise level through a simple monthly fee. Having implemented many successful IT projects, we understand why projects succeed or fail, and have internalized these lessons learned in the form of formalized project management methodology supported by a team of certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) through the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Our UTILITY EPM services include:

  • Providing a structured planning and justification process for all targeted projects.
  • Outlining the project management infrastructure necessary to support each approved project.
  • Controlling and managing all schedules, activities, tasks, and resources assigned to each project.
  • Performing all necessary risk tracking, escalation and mitigation activities throughout the project.
  • Ensuring effective communications throughout the project and facilitating user reviews and sign-offs.
  • Maintaining coordination over implementation and deployment strategies through to successful roll-out.

Through the utilization of our outsourced UTILITY EPM program, your organization will be able to achieve the successful completion of critical projects and programs throughout the enterprise in an on-time, within budget environment.

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