Business Intelligence Service

“Provides real-time management information & database using streamlined ETL tools”

Despite significant investments in information technology, many institutions find that employees are making decisions without the benefit of timely, accurate information. In a recent consulting survey, it was found that managers waste at least 2 hrs/day searching for information, while 50% of managers use the wrong information at least once a week. By contrast, an effective business intelligence system can help banks improve their operational efficiency, strengthen relationship with customers and help in product differentiation.

has developed a business intelligence service which leverages its in-depth knowledge of banking operations with the latest technology provided by state-of-the-art ETL tools. Through this combination, we can access and combine critical decision making information from all disparate databases of information throughout the enterprise. We can then deliver a true business intelligence system without the cost of creating customized applications for the many potential employees and executive level management.

This comprehensive service provides the following capabilities:

  • Personalized Dashboards – delivering real-time views of business performance.
  • Business Dashboards – quick communication of complex data and scorecards that tracks progress against strategic objectives.
  • Scheduled Reports – providing a recommended set of consolidated operational reports supporting major business functions.
  • Briefing Books – presenting data in multiple formats from disparate applications and services in a single management document.

The results of this service provides the institution with an integrated real-time business intelligence and database solution that meets their true business needs. This solution provides the ability to map and link performance to corporate strategy, goals and objectives. Banking leadership can then use the day-to-day data generated throughout their organization to monitor key indicators and implement decisions that make a difference in the competitive marketplace.

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