Enterprise Program Management

“Establishes a program governance structure and disciplines for effective program management”

IT organizations worldwide are being hit by a perfect storm.   Amidst the economy dragging down demand across industries, IT departments are still expected to perform flawlessly and improve continuously, with fewer resources and less money. While many organizations have grown to think of their IT budget as a fixed expense, or perhaps even as a necessary evil, believes that there are opportunities to reduce costs, increase the strategic value of IT and better align resources with organizational priorities. To achieve these benefits, IT organizations need to implement a comprehensive enterprise-wide program management philosophy and approach.

has incorporated several industry recognizable standards with its own extensive experience to create a unique “Program Framework” for successfully managing projects and programs as they are being developed and deployed, and, as they are enhanced and maintained throughout their on-going lifecycle. This framework consists of the following three critical components:

  • Program Governance – This includes an identification of key roles & responsibilities for program sponsors and managers, along with several committee structures and a number of automated Program Administration Software tools.
  • Program Management Disciplines –This set of disciplines will be utilized to varying degrees while completing the tasks and activities within each of the various System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) phases and include:
    • Scope & Change Management
    • Issues & Risk Management
    • Schedule Management
    • Quality Management
    • Communication Management
  • Foundational Methodologies – This combines the standard SDLC attributes with the latest development philosophies such as the Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Agile Unified Process (AUP) approach.

By implementing our proven methodology throughout your organization, you will be able to reduce the complexity of major IT initiatives, while maximizing their return in support of your business and operational objectives.

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