Legacy Modernization Services

“Modernizes legacy systems by migrating them to flexible state-of-the-art architectures”

During the past several years, organizations have realized that their legacy systems are becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain. The reasons for this include a scarcity of trained personnel, growing license and maintenance fees, and outdated technologies. Because of the original investments in building these critical information systems, many companies are looking for ways to migrate from their legacy system applications and databases, to more modern industry-standard platforms and systems.

To support this effort, has developed a comprehensive legacy modernization service to help companies leverage existing investments in legacy applications as they move to support more contemporary architectures. This is accomplished through the use of industry leading automated migration tools, proven methodologies and expertise to successfully complete modernization projects of all sizes.

Approach – This service in completed in four basic steps:

  • Baseline Analysis – A high-level assessment of your current systems, tools and support methodology.
  • Pilot Implementation – Selection of a representative application for migration and implementation.
  • Legacy Modernization – Architectural redesign and development program for legacy migration requirements.
  • Testing & Implementation – Deployment program encompassing detailed testing and implementation steps.

This comprehensive program will preserve your original IT investments by migrating your architectures to state-of-the–art technologies such as .Net, J2EE, or UNIX, or your non-relational databases to Oracle, DB2 or SQL Server. We can also enhance the business functionality of your applications by moving them to an SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) environment. The result for you is modernized software that is cheaper, faster, more stable, flexible, compatible with other systems, and scalable enough to accommodate future enhancements.

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