Disaster Recovery Facilities

“Provides backup recovery facilities for all Mainframe, Midrange, and Open Systems”.

Outsourcing believes that it can provide a better solution to your current hot-site or co-location requirements  as part of your overall disaster recovery strategy. By combining our experience in both data center and disaster recovery management, we have designed our facilities to meet the unique operational needs in times of a major business disruption. Whether your goal is to replicate your real-time data to an off-site facility or co-locate critical operating equipment, we can provide you with a secure solution on which you can depend when the need arises.

Our Disaster Recovery Facilities use state-of-the-art technology and are managed to the highest industry standards. This includes:

  • Redundant private connectivity.
  • Isolated from other businesses.
  • Secure and active building security.
  • Clean power facility – UPS and diesel generator protected to ensure maximum uptime.
  • High Availability Temperature controlled datacenter space.
  • Technologically advanced infrastructure and backbone to support key IT infrastructure.

“Reserved” Access – Our unique solution also provides you with a reserved access to you process platforms for testing, and at the time of a disaster. This special service is designed to eliminate:

  • Conflicts with other DR Subscribers.
  • Worry of subscription rates and first come/first serve.
  • Long lead times for test scheduling, i.e. you can test when you want.
  • Impact on critical RTO and RPO requirements.

Our disaster recovery facilities allow you to feel secure in times of crisis, while helping you increase overall efficiency of operations by saving valuable staff time and reducing overall expenses.

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