Program & Project Charter

“Outlines a high-level roadmap and “Blueprint” for major technology initiatives”

IT Projects are notorious for being delivered late and over-budget, and, when they finally do become operational, not meeting the Client’s original expectations. Although there are many reasons for this, they mostly center around the lack of effective pre-planning and analysis.

Given the magnitude and complexity of technology oriented developmental projects in today’s marketplace, and the associated risks of incurring these typical scheduling delays and cost overruns, believes that it is imperative that a Program or Project Charter be created. This high-level process provides a critical “Blueprint” for both defining the overall objectives of the application or project, and then outlining the scope and approach necessary for its successful accomplishment. This includes the multitude of activities and detailed tasks involved, along with their planned assignment to key project team members. The completed report includes the overall budget, time constraints, resources, and standards within which the project will be completed.

Our comprehensive program utilizes the following four steps in completing this Charter process:

  • Current State Snapshot – Documents the current operational environment through a series of high-level process flows and architectural support diagrams to be used as a baseline.
  • Future State Vision – Recommends a “Best Practice” Architectural Framework for streamlining and transforming current operations into a more efficient and effective future operational environment.
  • Transition Alignment – Evaluates the critical issues and risks and produces a tailored alignment strategy to effectively achieve the desired strategic objectives within a justifiable business case.
  • Transformation Roadmap – Provides a high-level project plan with key milestones for effective project management and tracking, including the project scope, approach, timing and cost.

The resulting Program or Project Charter will provide you with an understanding of where you are today, a vision of where you desire to be tomorrow, and a detail plan outlining how to get there. At the conclusion of this process, you will be able to move forward with confidence to achieve the successful completion of your proposed project.

For more information on this critical service, please download our Program Charter Offering Brief.

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