Business Continuity Workspace

“Provides a workspace facility and infrastructure to support both people and processes”.

has leveraged its overall experience and focus on Business Continuity Planning (BCP) to provide a state-of-the-art facility for your organization’s back-office processing needs in times of a major business disruption. In order to resume normal operations within a short period of time, it is critical for your key operational staff, to have access to work stations and supporting equipment that are ready to use at a moment’s notice. Business Continuity Workspace Service is tailored to fit your specific business requirements as well as space and equipment.

Dedicated Workspace – Under this scenario, the workspace is available and 100% dedicated at all times to the contracting organization. Following initial planning, all of the setup and installation is completed and the workspace is put into a maintenance mode until needed. This preparation and dedication enables employees to immediately begin working within minutes of arrival at our business recovery facility. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that they will have 24X7 access, for training, testing, at disaster time, and for system maintenance.

Standard Dedicated Workspace Configuration consists of desk, chair, file cabinet, and phone. We provide a minimum of 4 RJ45 ports in support of LAN, data, and voice. Internet connectivity will also be provided.  Our facilities are supported by a 24 x 7 help desk, onsite technical, and infrastructure support.

Because Dedicated Workspace is a customized service, can provide, but is not limited to:

  • PCs, printers, copiers, fax machines, and other important office equipment
  • Data Center/LAN rooms
  • Cable/Satellite TV feeds
  • Conference rooms, Executive office space, Command center
  • Additional monitors
  • Dealer Boards
  • Time Stamp Systems
  • Market Data Feeds
  • Digital Voice Recording Systems

This critical service complements our Disaster Recovery Facility offering and provides you with a complete solution to continue operations in a relatively seamless and cost effective manner following a major disruption to your operational facilities, thereby providing you with significantly reduced recovery time, and enabling immediate RTO.

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